Welcome to the Realms of Healing With "Whispers of Angels"

Psalms 91:11-12  "For He will give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."

It has become our mission in life to help spread the light and love of God and his Angels.  It was from this healing Angelic Space that Whispers of Angels came into existence.  Listen to it in a time and a s
pace where you will not be disturbed because you will be taken, upon the wings of your spirit, to journey in the Realms above. An incredible healing experience.

When finished, you will find that you have connected with Heaven Upon Earth.

Take a deep breath and allow your energy to become still, and as you do, bring your awareness to your Soul.
Now bring your awareness to your Breath, Now bring your awareness to your Heart. 
Feel the beating, the miracle, the center of your Universe.
Breathe and become Silent.  Oh, so very Silent. 
Become Still,  Become Calm, Become surrounded with love and healing.
For within this space:  For within this place, Miracles will begin to happen.
For within this space of silence you shall receive many gifts; gifts of healing, gifts of empowerment, gifts of serenity, peace and calm. 
Listen, listen to the silence, for you shall now hear with the ears of your heart and your soul: the Whispers of Angels. Within this silence they need to share, they need for you to hear, they need for you to feel their presence within your heart,  their presence within your soul,  their prescence within the center of your universe. Listen, listen to their message:  "Whispers of Angels" await within this healing relaxation Cd

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 A Very Special Thanks to the following:
"Music by Thaddeus" can be ordered from www.orindaben.com 
or from Lumin Essence Productions, PO Box 1310, Medford, Or. 97501
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Song Engineer:  George A. Seman
Recorded at Heart Song Creations Studio


It was wonderful and I love it. Your voice is so calm and clear! Your words are so gentle......The background music was so appropriate and pretty. You truly have something wonderful here!!!!  - Joyce B.

Love your CD!!! I listened to it last night before going to bed...I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep during it. Wonderful!! - Julia S.

Your CD is wonderful, you did a super job, I would like to order 3 more.Laura H.

I do guided meditations in my mountain home. I personally have worked with many different guided meditation CD's, but I have never come across one that is as soothing ,relaxing , and healing as this new CD that Nora Mae has recorded for this purpose.I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who wants to take an amazing healing journey  either alone or with others. It is a 5 star CD in my opinion, and well worth adding to your collection or as a complete meditation in itself - Rev. Rebecca DiNolfi


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