Angels are the breath of God.  Angels are the messengers from God.  They are the thoughts of God.

I believe in Angels, do you?  They believe in you. They love you unconditionally, and want to direct, surround and protect you every step of your way.

Sacred Spaces is about healing one heart and one soul at a time.  It is our mission to spread the light and love of God and the Angels.  We are all about healing on all levels:  body, mind and spirit.  Sacred Spaces was created out of  God and the Angels' love, it is directed and guided in every aspect along the way.

You have a Guardian Angel who was with you before conception, and who will reamin with you throughout eternity; one who loves you unconditionally, is with you every moment of every day, to guide with a gentle and loving touch that is as soft as a whisper upon the breeze of your Soul...

  My life purpose began early, being surrounded by lots of nieces and nephews all the time.  I married out of high school and had 4 wonderful children.  As my children grew I was let's say, the “Kool-Aid Mom” in the community which meant any available kid found the path to my door.  My door was always open to these kids and they knew it.  Years passed,  and my mission took another path.  When I was around 27 years old, my father had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side. At the same time I was having a lot of tiredness and just couldn't seem to bounce back from it.  We were being prayed for in our local Church. One day one of the women brought a copy of a Prevention magazine with two important articles.  One was about tired women adding magnesium, potassium and zinc supplements to their diet, and the other about people who have had strokes and heart attacks being aided by Reflexology.  A diagram of the feet with all the nerve reflex endings sparked my interest.  I obtained a book on Reflexology and began to study. I started doing weekly reflexology on my Dad and my Mom's feet.   My father had had  movement come back since the stroke,   but he never had any feeling in the left side. Within weeks of doing the reflexology, my father regained feeling in his one side. In addition, a cyst he had trouble with went away,  my mother who had had severe whiplash in a car accident also showed improvement.   I then worked on others with lots of improvement, too. This started me on the healing journey of my life.


  My life purpose growth continued in 1979 when I studied and became a Reflexologist under the wonderful teaching of May Post, from the Ingham method of Reflexology out of St. Petersburg, Florida. After practicing this for a few years,  I found the healing modality of Therapeutic Touch and became a practitioner under the teaching of Debbie Traugh, adding this modality to my already existing Reflexology. But soon, lets say the healing “addiction” started again.  I studied Healing Touch, and a few years later became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher under a beautiful woman by the name of Sharon Sullivan. I continued studying healing methods, becoming an Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor studying under Steven Thayer of the Center of Being.


    Many people from all walks of life and from all over the world touched my life during these times.  I even had the wonderful opportunity of working on Randy Owens from the group Alabama a number of times, which is the reason I chose Angels Among Us, by Randy Owens as the first song on my website. My journey has been filled with many gifts.


    Soon the healing call was being sounded once more and I went to Sedona, Arizona which captured my heart! There I took a class with Jonathon Parker of Quantum Quests,  and became a spiritual healer and counselor.  A few more years passed when I was called to Karuna Reiki where I became a master/instructor, and then a Magnified Healing practitioner and instructor.   I  was finding a unique style of healing evolving because I was actively using a little of all the modalities in my healing.  I received the wonderful gift of being able to study under Tcez a Mayan timekeeper, and became a Iraku Cizin Reiki Master and Instructor which included energy healing with crystals and stones and Native American Drumming.


     My next path began when I opened up Sacred Spaces Angelic Gift Shop and Healing Center, where I found my love of Angels and Fairies and combined my healing and teaching all in one.  I branched out and started teaching many classes and workshops, and trained many wonderful healers, aiding them in finding their life's healing path.  Sacred Spaces existed for 8 years until I decided to close it to travel a bit and teach, working more freely without the stress of the expenses of owning a business. 


  My trainings have continued. I went on to become a Theta Healer with the teaching of Maryann Monroe and Vienna Steibel.  Under the teaching of Colleen Behen, I became a Cranial Temple Activator,  and became a certified biofeedback technician under Linda Henderson and  The college of International Holistic Studies in Canada working with the LIFE System Biofeedback machine.  That brings me to today.  Am I over learning? No! I am always looking for the next path to take me further along my healing journey, enriching myself and touching the lives of everyone.  It will never be over! I am living my life's mission! Do I sound addicted to life? Yes...yes, I am.  I love life. I love the experiences life brings to me     ~ It is all about the journey. ~


  I have had many helping hands and hearts along my path and they always seemed to be there just when I needed them the most.  Each and every one of them were instrumental in taking me to the next level of healing and to them, I am very grateful.

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