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Healing Sessions are available by appointment only in Mt. Cobb, Moscow and Hawley, Pa areas.
Call 570-842-2107 or Email Nora for info, registration and appointments.

Healing Body Mind and Spirit in light love integrity and truth


Reflexology works entirely on the nerve reflex areas on the bottom of the feet.  It aids in increasing circulation, relaxes and detoxifies the body, resulting in an improvement in most conditions. Sessions are one hour.


Integrated Energy Therapy®

Works with energy to release blockages such as anger and resentment, fears, anxieties and threat, heartache and grief, shame and guilt. This empowering modality also works exceptionally well with children and teenagers. As long as a traumatic memory is held within the body, you can not experience healing. Sessions are one hour.  

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Reiki (both Usui and Karuna), is universal healing and non-invasive, loving energy, channeled from practitioners' hands. It is done with the client fully clothed upon a massage table. It is safe and effective for all ages and all health conditions.  Relieves stress, detoxifies, relaxes the mind, and helps the body to naturally heal itself. One hour session.

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Healing and Therapeutic Touch

Healing and Therapeutic Touch are two ways of working with the energy systems of the body. These energies are based on the premise of body, mind and spirit. They help to balance the energy systems, aid in relaxation, relieves pain, reduces anxiety and stress. All energy modalities increase the power of the immune system.


LIFE System Biofeedback®

LIFE System Biofeedback is an advanced electro-physiological biofeedback device used to reduce stress and help muslces to relax. The LIFE system also works on an energetic level to clear blocks relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Session takes 1 1/2 hr. 


Cranial Temple Activation®

By stimulating the pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary and the thymus glands on a cellular level, cranial temple activations can aid on emotional, physical, emotional and spiritual levels  opening the door to a higher level of health, awareness, consciousness  and intuition. Aids one in becoming the new Human Template of Light. One hour sessions.



Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell, essential oils stimulate the brain to release endorphins into the body to reduce pain and to create a sense of well being.  Certain oils increases immune system function, help to lower hypertension and stress, help to ease sinus, colds, hemorrhoids and many more health conditions.


Theta Healing

DNA and Cellular Healing literally involves "re-constructing ourselves from a cellular level". Cells communicate cell to cell, through a (cellular) energy language. Through the use of accessing a very relaxed state we learn this language of communication and literally on a cellular level re-create ourselves from the inside out.

Each of us creates everything in our lives. We draw to us people and experiences based on our belief systems. These beliefs function like computer programs, creating for us wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnectedness. Everything is our creation.The beliefs we hold are almost entirely subconscious. Some beliefs are formed based on our experiences: We touch fire. It burns us. We form the belief that fire burns. And this serves us. Although, not all beliefs serve us. DNA and CELLULAR HEALING goes very easily into core, genetic, historic and soul to remove the programs that no longer serves us and holds us back from healing, happiness, careers, relationships,and living fully in every area of our lives.We are all linked through the power of the Universal Law of Attraction. Scientists have proven that the quantum field does exist - connecting everything on our planet.

The Law of attraction simply states whatever thoughts we put out into the universe is what will be attracted to us.
What goes on inside your head (often in subconscious awareness)has everything to do with your results!Your attitude, thoughts and programming (limiting beliefs)directly affects your career, business, relationship, finances,health, happiness and your enjoyment of life. Helps to let go of beliefs about lack, limitation, disease, distress pain and other states of consciousness not serving you any longer.

Theta Healing:

*Remove blocks to allow healing to occur.
*Remove blocks to receiving and giving love, accepting abundance, feeling joy, feeling worthy, being successful in all areas of life
*Clear any blocks on the mental, emotional, physical and soul to help empower one in life
* Can have a profound and wonderful life changing effect.
*Can help one to release blocks that is standing in the way of becoming free of addictions.essential to change those limiting beliefs in order to get more positive and fulfilling results.  Theta Healing can be a  life changing technique! One hour session.


Tong Ren Healing Sessions

Tong Ren is an energy therapy that has been documented and has proven to have helped thousands of people across the world.  This healing system was developed by Master Tom Tam, who is a prominent healer, energy worker and acupuncturist based in Boston, Massachusetts having decades of experience in the treatment of complicated medical conditions.   

Tong Ren is a form of energy therapy for restoring health and vitality.  Tong Ren is based on a belief that disease is related to interruption, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood, or hormones.  Tong Ren seeks to remove these blockages, restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself, even when the illnesses are chronic, debilitating or untreatable.

Tong Ren combines western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the ancient principle of chi or life force energy, to create what many consider to be a powerful new healing modality.  The practitioner directs chi to blockage points corresponding to the patient's condition, breaking down resistance at acupuncture points, but without using needles. As the blood and reception are restored, the body then is able to create healing on its own. 
When Chi flows freely then the body heals.


 Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing and Crystal Healing

Forms of energy healing to balance and support these systems of the body.  Etheric cords are cut, chakras are cleansed and cleared and increased in frequency.  Attachments are cleansed from the energy field.  Crystals can also be used to increase the frequency of the body.  It works on the energy meridians, the chakra system, the aura and vibration and frequency of the body.  Removes energy blockages that stand in the way of a client healing. One hour session.


Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing is the complete, inspired healing of the body, mind and spirit.  Angels, Archangels, Masters, Guides are called in to help support healing.  It is completely guided for whatever the individual needs to help heal. One hour session.

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Guided meditation assists you in relaxing and relieving stress and tension. One hour session.



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