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Angel Readings

The angels are very happy to offer guidance concerning relationships, health issues, career decisions, emotional and spiritual issues, and all of life's simple and most difficult challenges.  Connecting to your Guardian Angels, and Archangels which are our heavenly guides, we can be given guidance, support and inspiration. 

I will call upon the angels, archangels, ascended masters, and spirit guides to connect us to their loving guidance and healing energy. The angels are so willing to help us and to assist us with every aspect of our lives in order to allow us to find our true path’s mission and to achieve our birthrights.  We will invoke the angels and Archangels to continue working with you long after the reading.  

We will cut with Archangel etheric cords that you have attached to past relationships and experiences to free you in the "now".  If there is an addiction that you would like the etheric cord cut to, just mention the addiction at time of ordering.  I will tell you and invoke the right Archangels to be with you on your journey, and I will give to you, your Guardian angel's name.

Angel Readings $111

 Angelic Inspiration and Support

Are you or someone you know going through a really hard tough time.  The Angels, Archangels, God, and Jesus want to help you through this. They are only a breath away and they love you and want you to be whole.

With this Angelic support you or your loved one will be sent emails regularly for a month that will be angelically-inspired.  I will send the Angel, Archangel, or Master that comes through for the continuous support to ease their moments and lighten their soul.  They do not have to walk through this alone.  

If it is a medical crisis,  I will ask the Angels to work with their healing,  I will sent Angels to any procedures that need to be performed,  I will send  Angels to health facilities,  to the doctors and the nurses so that they can make correct decisions on their care.  I will even ask the Angels to go to the operating room or be present with any tests.

Archangel Michael will be summoned to cut the etheric cords to the crisis, and to surround, protect and guide all that is associated with the problem.  And better yet, I will also work with you and show you how you can also do the above for yourself and your loved one. 

There is no need to feel helpless, any longer; you can do something very angelic to help….  Remember, Miracles occur from the world above and with working with that realm, we become Earth Angels. Healing and inspiration will be sent for the highest good of all individuals involved. 

 Angelic Inspiration and full support for a month   $111

Long Distance Healing Session

You may be amazed at how powerful long-distance work can be! Long Distance sessions are Energy sessions. In preparation for a long-distance session, you will need to send me an e-mail detailing your health or the area of your life that you need healing and support with.   We will then agree upon a session time. My follow-up to you in email will be the accounting of what was created in that session and any intuitive thoughts that came up to further aid you in your healing.  

At the time of the session, I will make contact with the Angelic Realm, I also work closely with God and Jesus in my healing work, so once our energetic connection has been made.  I combine my healing gifts of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing and Angel healing together, to form a very powerful hour of healing...   I will call in the Archangels to work with you energetically, we will cut etheric cords that have attached to others (these cords will drain you from your energy), and to the health issue at hand.  

We will work with the releasing of the issues that is involved with the crisis such as:  Guilt that often is associated with a crisis, (the fact that you can not do what you would want with loved ones or yourself),   The distrust or the disbelief   that you can not heal, the fears that you won’t, the anger and resentments that you have about being ill in the first place, the heartache, the sadness, the desperation that you feel..  We will work with the stress that this situation has created for you.  Just think of all these emotions that you are holding besides the healing crisis.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to cut the cords to these depleting emotions, so that you can put all your energy into healing?

Remember if you want to heal a health condition or any aspect of your life you can not heal it in the energy that it was created within.  We will raise your vibration and your frequency to help you heal.  We will make complete contact with the Realm above and bring forth healing.  This is the realm and the only place that miracles are created here on Earth.  You will be placed in Sacred Spaces healing center and many will give you continuous prayers support and love throughout this healing journey.

 Long distance healing session   $111

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Angelic Healing CD

Psalms 91:11-12  "For He will give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."

It has become our mission in life to help spread the light and love of God and his Angels.  It was from this healing Angelic Space that Whispers of Angels came into existence. 

Listen to it in a time and a
space where you will not be disturbed because you will be taken upon the wings of your spirit, to journey into the Realms above for an incredible healing experience.
Listen, listen to their message:  "Whispers of Angels" await within this healing relaxation CD. When finished, you will find that you have connected with Heaven Upon Earth.

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$17.98 - includes shipping and handling

 A Very Special Thanks to the following:
"Music by Thaddeus" can be ordered from www.orindaben.com 
or from Lumin Essence Productions, PO Box 1310, Medford, Or. 97501
Song Engineer:  George A. Seman
Recorded at Heart Song Creations Studio

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